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Why I Could Go to College – A Thanks to Veterans on Veterans Day

Most college students know about the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA).  A few even know this was amended in 2008 as the ADA Amendments Act.  Another group might know about Ed Roberts, who integrated UC-Berkeley in the 1970s, or … Continue reading

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Thanks to the Implant, God is Speaking to Me in Church

This morning I had a profound religious experience that left Tracy and me having fits of giggles in the back pew of church.  Thank heavens (yes, pun intended) that our new pastor at Plymouth Congregational has a sense of humor, … Continue reading

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Experiments with T-Coil and Captioning Glasses at the Movie Theater

As I’ve explained before, I get different channels on my implant.  No…not HBO vs. ESPN.  Instead it’s a choice of one microphone, two microphones, or the t-coil setting.  I hadn’t really had much of a chance to try out the … Continue reading

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More Information about People with Disabilities and Hurricane Sandy

Just got another link today about the hurricane – if you follow this, it will take to a transcript of  a National Public Radio show on how people with disabilities in New York City are doing in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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